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Disclaimer: RAP does not vouch for or endorse any of these companies.  You must make your own determination of whether or not any of the list companies are right for you.

Compiled by Don “Wicked D” Harrison for Music Think Tank. Read the full post here:


Claims to insert hundreds of songs into films, documentaries, television/cable programs, extreme sports videos, exercise videos, etc.


A global music licensing company working for adverts, films and games.


A bridge that links independent artists and musicians to those in the industry who want their songs. Humtoo Connects music makers with projects that need music.


A complete music licensing e-commerce solution which makes it easy for you to license your music from your own website and keep 100% of the sales revenues.

Matchless Music

License pre-cleared Indie music for film, television, documentaries, advertising, websites, video games, corporate videos, and commercials.

Minimum Noise

A simple and fun approach to music licensing. Instead of browsing through libraries for hours, have musicians make music based on your description.

Music Dealers

A full-service Music Licensing company that connects quality artists from around the world with leading brands, networks, advertising agencies, film production houses and gaming companies.

Music Licensing Store (Rumblefish)

Provides music licensing services to social media and technology companies, movie and TV production studios, advertisers, video game makers and iconic brands worldwide.


Researches and licenses music for content producers.

Pump Audio

Artists can license their music into productions without giving up any ownership, while TV and advertising producers can discover new music ready for use.

Ricall Music Licensing

Claims to operate the world’s largest online music research and licensing marketplace.

Sentric Music

Music rights management.


Helps independent artists, songwriters, and composers get record, publishing, and film/TV deals.

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